Clive Thomas’s stories are taken from life – his life over the last 40 years in organising and hosting events with stars of stage, screen and radio and even members of The Royal Family, in places as far apart as The Royal Yacht Britannia and the plains of Kenya; and from the luxury of Monte Carlo’s finest hotels to the wilderness of The Galapagos Islands and the mountains of Bhutan.
Murray Walker, OBE commented:
“I’ve done a lot of work with Clive over the years. He is larger than life, great fun, and his presentations are immaculate!”
So says Sir Ian (Beefy) Botham:
“Porky comes across well and everybody always has a tremendous evening.”
BBC comedy writer David Spicer says:
“If you are looking for a speaker who is witty and engaging with a fund of great stories, you couldn’t do better than Clive.”
After dinner speaker Alan Cleary wrote:
“Clive is a natural humorist of immense ability and charm. He has an impeccable sense of timing and a disciplined delivery.”
Ray Jones of Time Out says:
“Clive entertains his audiences by telling stories about a world that most people never experience. I think he’s good value for money.”

“I think I got away with it!”

Is a whimsical sail through my life of hosting special events,
escorting wildlife trips around the world, and dropping the names
of the fascinating people I touched shoulders with along the way.

As Ian Botham said, I do seem to have a knack of stumbling
across the ridiculous and the amusing on my travels. Once in your
possession, enjoy it when you are relaxing, then pick it up again
when you feel in need of a chuckle. Most of all, don’t take any of
it too seriously – I didn’t!

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Hilary M
"This is a book which should live on the bedside table, to be picked up after a hard day.
It pours out, in short chapters, easily digested gems of fun and adventure.
Jack K
"This book is a real treat! A hilarious romp through the life of Clive Thomas who has rubbed shoulders with the great and the good. Read the book as he spills some of the beans.”
Ian Drury
"Clive Thomas is a natural book writer. It's written from the heart about his life getting real pleasure seeing people enjoy themselves in places and situations that he has created."
Gary Drewett
"So many amusing real life experiences of successful failure, failed success and lots of great achievement, I just loved it."
Gavin Ingham
"Traverse the globe with Clive as he shares amusing anecdotes about interesting people and makes you feel like you were there."
Rebecca V Knight
Written in such a friendly, funny style, Clive takes you with him on the most extraordinary adventure - can’t wait for the film!
Jasper Carrott OBE
“His writing can rise a half hearted smile,
ok belly laughs dammit!”
Ray Jones (a.k.a Mr. London)
“Clive’s is a life well lived and it was fun sometimes being along for the ride.
Read the book as he spills some of the beans.”
Gyles Brandreth
“A Bollinger of a book – it sparkles
and gives you a lift, just like the real thing.”
Murray Walker OBE
“Amusing stories, from Buckingham Palace to Bhutan, and from Monaco to the Maasai Mara, all easy to enjoy, and you will love Clive’s humour unless I am very much mistaken!”
Lord Ian (Beefy Botham)
“It is impossible not to be wafted along in Porky’s (Clive’s) tidal wave of unbridled enthusiasm, relentless charm and quest for finding the amusing and the ridiculous wherever he is and whoever he is with.”
Don Maclean MBE, KSS
“His confidence, nerve and all round agreeableness have opened many doors. He is the picture of sartorial elegance, smooth as a frog’s armpit, and his book is a must read for raconteurs or would-be confidence tricksters!”

Clive is a big man in every sense of the word.

Big in stature – as he says “I have the build of Pavarotti, but sadly not the voice,” His presence as a speaker, presenter or auctioneer is always felt!

Big on storytelling – he has hundreds of his own drawn from his work in events and travel, and a few from those he has met along the way.

Big hearted, in making dreams come true for the wealthy and privileged, he also makes sure that on his travels he and any clients that care to be involved give something back.  This has been by helping individual children in Africa reach their potential via bursaries, bringing fresh water to schools in arid lands, and assisting wildlife charities, especially those actively involved in anti poaching. In his own words “none of us can solve the problems of the world’s poor and underprivileged, but we can all make a difference where we touch.”

And he will make a BIG impression on you and your guests – a man who is noticed and gets noticed –for all the right reasons!
Clive takes his work seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously!

He has led a fascinating life, a sports journalist in the late 1970s, then in the 1980’s and 90’s organising significant events around the world for the likes of Rothmans, British Airways, Mazda Cars, and even members of the Royal Family. More recently travelling in Europe, Africa, South America and beyond, staging and hosting car rallies for drivers of supercars; and wildlife trips co-hosted by BBC presenters for those who like their adventures in the wilderness to be comfortable and still to involve culinary delights.

Through Clive’s company Prestige which he started in 1976 (when he was just a boy of course) you can still access all sorts of social, theatrical, musical and entertainment often not available elsewhere.

Part of Clive’s job for the last forty years has been as the front man at business events Prestige have organised. It all began back in the late 1970s when with the BBC’s David Vine, Clive presented the unveiling of the new Rothman’s March Formula 1 car to the world’s motoring press.

With Opera soloists from the Royal Opera House led by Clive, the Chairman of BA was serenaded to the company’s “own” tune at events organised by Prestige for the airline’s 75th Anniversary; and the first Business Travel Magazine Awards at The Hurlingham Club featuring dancers from an early episode of “Strictly” were hosted by Clive.

Always the smiling and reliable face of Prestige events, always in control, and never resorting to bad language at the mic.

So why not use that expertise for your own company. As reliable and professional as “someone off the telly” but at a fraction of the cost and without the ego! It’s not about the man behind the mic at your event – it’s about your company’s message and reputation, and Clive will be a willing ambassador for you.
I think I got away with it
Her secrets past and present
A traveller’s tales from around the globe
A humorous after dinner speech featuring stories about the people, the places and the adventures that evolved through 40 years in the events and travel business, all told with clarity, great use of language, and above all humour and humility.

This talk is suitable for almost any occasion, whether an association or club, corporate, charity or private celebration, where a mixed audience of varying ages needs to be entertained.
  Aimed at visitors to our country and our capital city, this is humorous speech about things that the guides and guidebooks don’t tell you. Always with an eye to the funny and the bizarre, but also including the heritage and traditions of the City and often recreating (where practical) “The Ceremony of the Loving Cup” and “The Passing of the Rosewater.”

This very light hearted talk is suitable for an end of meeting or end of conference dinner, where the language of the event is English. Also as an after dinner entertainment for small private groups visiting London for theatre, culture, gastronomy or simply sightseeing and relaxation. Enquiries from DMCs welcome.
  Paro the capital of the mystical mountain Kingdom of Bhutan is a feather in any travellers cap, and this talk is illustrated with pictures gathered from some faraway places. Clive shares some unique experiences, often from the natural world, and peppers the superb images on screen with tales of some of the amazing people he’s met along the way.

This talk is suitable for any group interested in a lighthearted look at travelling, often but not always on safari, who will enjoy Clive’s eye for a good photograph, and appetite for a funny story.
Because he is very engaging and knows how to give his audiences an entertaining 45 minutes. His talks are personalised to the organisation booking him, or occasion being celebrated.

Although extremely humorous, Clive is not a standup comedian, but rather a story teller and raconteur. His gentle style is easy to listen to, and his humour has been described “as somewhere between Humphrey Littleton and Ronnie Barker,” which
Clive takes as a great compliment.

Give him a script, and he’ll probably be able to improve it for you. He’ll be a reliable and polished front man at your presentation or celebration event for significantly less than “someone off the telly.” And he’ll take it a lot more seriously too.

Give him items to auction and he’ll entertain as well as fight like a demon to exceed
the reserve prices!

Give him his head and he’ll entertain your audience with one of his three talks –
all humorous and all worth hearing at least once!
Clive welcomes bookings from agencies looking for non celebrity speakers.
He realises the value of being asked by an intermediary to perform, and always respects their relationship with the client in that he will not seek to establish
direct relationships when engaged by a booker.
Make an enquiry via e-mail to

To discuss how Clive could be of service to you, his availability and the likely costs please contact his executive assistant at info@prestige-promotions